Fastest & Healthiest

CT Scanner in Lucknow

The SOMATOM Definition AS Platform

  • World’s first Adaptive Scanner suitable for all body types
  • Fastest CT scanner in Lucknow – 0.33 sec rotation
  • The first system to come with the FAST CARE Platform
  • First scanner to come with automatic kV selection
  • Suitable for scanning children at the lowest dose
  • Dual Energy ready CT
  • The most trusted high-end scanner in the world:
  • 64 slice acquisition / 192 slice reconstruction CT scanner
  • Best image quality with highest resolution
  • Wide Bore (78 cm gantry bore) scanner for comfortable scanning

Industry best 30 Ip/cm ensures the highest image
quality at the lowest dose

  • All routine CT Applications – CT Head, Abdomen, Emergency, Thorax, Peripheral, Extremities
  • High End Applications – Complete range of Cardiac, Neuro, Oncology and Dual Energy applications

  • Fast 0.33 sec rotation ensures the highest cardiac image quality, Also, Adaptive Cardio Sequence and Spiral ensure that the scanner can overcome any missing heart (ectopic) beats
  • Complete cardiac-vascular package (inclucing Cardiac Functional) with 64 slice acquistion provides all the tools required for reporting cases, including complex cases such as by-pass (CABG) follow-ups and case where the heart doesn’t pump blood well (i.e. with lower LV function)

  • Neuro DSA provides cathlab like Neuro Angios for faster and more accurate
    diagnosis. This allows for easy viewing of eneurysms (that cause brain bleeds and can
    be the cause of sudden death) and stenosis (blockage of the vessels) in the brain.
  • Neuro Perfussion ensures that all storke cases can be handled in the golden hour
  • Sharp imaging and high detail in smaller structures like Inner Ear.

  • Perfect synchronization with the PET allowing for multi-timepoint comparison of both PET and CT images before and after scanning. Also included are RECIST and WHO measurements to report according to the global standard
  • 0.33 mm resolution allows accurate display of even very small vessels
  • Entire thorax abdomen can be examined without artifacts-e.g. to check on liver lesions
  • CT guided interventions for biopsy of tissue (to check of its cancerous or not)

syngo.via: Multimodality solution with CT, MR and PET applications

  • Pre-processing: All cases are pre-processed within seconds-so that the cases are ready to report for scanning. E.g. in Cardiac cases, a double click on the case opens up multiple views, including cardiac VRT with blood pool removal, all the three planes and VRT with all major vessels labelled, Curved MPR’s of all major vessels etc.
  • Complete patient history: With the same patient name/ nomenclature, the user can look across multiple scans conducted across the diffrent modalities for
  • Image Fusion
  • Multi timepoint comparison
  • Follow up cases
  • Check on Efficacy of interventins/surgeries
  • Applicatins such as Spine and Rib lebelling, Bone removal etc support the clinician in quick and accurate reporting

Wide Bore (78cm) CT provide the flexibility to handle & also provides much higher patient comfort

  • Very heavy patients
  • Emergency cases
  • Cancer treatment (Radiaton Therepy) planning
  • CT Guided Interventions

FAST (Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies), including FAST Planning and FAST Spine provide
great workflow advantages at the scanner console. These are used to improve accuracy and
reproducibility of scanning and reporting.

CARD Applications such as CARD Dose 4D and CARD kV reduce dose for the patient while
providing the optimum image quality

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