Mammomat Fusion

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New Generation CsI detector
The innovative CsI detector technology improves both spatial resolution and dose efficiency and the large 23 cm x 30 cm (9″ x 12″) format provides the wide coverage This new detector technology is also remarkably robust, making Mammomat Fusion particularly suitable for challenging situations, such as truck-installed mobile screening units when screening healthy women.

Unique MaxFill Technology

MaxFill technology uses the incoming X-rays more efficiently. The effective X-ray-sensitive area of each pixel has been significantly increased with an innovative multi-layer design. This new detector architecture results in a smaller, 83 ìm pixel size and higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE) For better image quality at the right dose.

Optimized scintillator thickness

The results in better image quality, at the right dose.

Personalized OpDose@

Depending on breast density and thickness, OpDose determines the exposure parameters required for each breast individually and uses Automatic Exposure Control to acquire the best-possible image. OpDose works in every position and automatically excludes the pectoral muscle from its calculation.

Personalized OpComp@ with Soft Speed

Thanks to OpComp with SoftSpeed, the compression slows down as soon as the plate reaches the breast. Compression is increased only as long as the breast is soft and pliable, stopping automatically when the optimal level of compression is reached, improving image quality and patient comfort