Band Stand (Band Performance)

  • A band must not contain more than 8 members.
  • Every band will get 10 minutes for setup and 15 minutes to play.
  • Rating will be done on the basis of Synchronization, Song Selection, music and overallperformance.
  • Every band must bring its own instruments.
  • Any kind of music like fusion, metal and rock etc. are allowed.

Other Rules

  • Dramatics committee will only provide chairs, one table, Cordless mikes, hanging mikes, collar mikes (depending upon availability). All other props have to be brought by teams. The committee depending upon the availability and on pre-notification by the team will fulfill any other special requirement.
  • Arena boundations will be decided and defined by the chairperson (according to the place of act) before the events to each and every group.
  • Team exceeding the time limit will be penalized.
  • Backstage voice of a participant will be considered as a participation of that member in the team.
  • Script (basic theme) can't be changed in the final performance at Blaze 2019, otherwise team will be disqualified.
  • Any type of script, formation used in screening by any drama team should not be imitated by any other team.